Ludooa noun
an asian sweet typically shared with family and friends at happy occasions. 



Ludoo Recipe


  • 1tsp Creativity Powder (Cardomam)
  • 1tsp Perseverance Powder (Pistachio)
  • 250grams Social Community (Besan)
  • 100grams Vision (Ghee)
  • 250grams  Content (Sugar)



  1. In a pan add Vision (Ghee) and bring it to boil. Then reduce the flame and add Social Community (Besan) mixing thoroughly until it changes colour.
  2. Once the Social Community (Besan) is yellow, add Content (Sugar) stirring well. Then add Creativity (Cardamom) Powder, mix and immediately switch off the heat and let the mixture cool.
  3. Taking small amounts of the cooled mixture in your hands, make small round ball shaped Ludoos.
  4. Once the Ludoos are ready, dip one edge of Ludoo in Vision (Ghee) and roll in Perseverance  (Pistachio) powder.
  5. Ludoos are ready to serve!


Ludoo Manifesto

  • To provide a platform to showcase acting, writing , directing and production talent.
  • To explore and challenge cultural and religious territories and embrace cultural  differences
  • To highlight the positive cultural influences of communities 
  • To inspire and be inspired by other creative bodies

The Ludoo Story

Perfecting any good recipe, like an idea, takes time, effort and practice. But sometimes it’s more than time and effort – it’s that element of surprise or the unexpected that makes the difference between a good idea and a great idea.  The story of Ludoo Productions is no different.  And it begins with a journey from despondency to the spark of inspiration lit on a South West train from New Malden to Waterloo.  So Ludoo was conceived on a train, in the heart of winter by two close friends, who shared a mutual passion for writing and its creative impact. Now we are not sure if the spark of genius was struck because of the frosty January morning and the burning desire to lift community spirits or the fact that we just wanted some sunshine.  What we did know was that the journey could not be travelled alone and to achieve creative impact, the support of the community would be a fundamental ingredient for the success of our Ludoo.

Like any great idea getting the writing off the page proved challenging.  Fingers were burnt and initially it wasn’t easy to get Vision and Social Community to mix properly.  Our first production Chai Aur Rishtas being the perfect example; an abundance of Creativity Powder and Content that reflected the Ludoo Vision, but no Ghee.  The initial response to a call for casting was underwhelming with just two friends turning up. Not to be deterred, we tried again, this time we correctly identified whose cup of tea this would be and had a full pot. We rehearsed at home and the local community hall was generous enough to host our troupe and props and two months later we depicted the cultural nuances of Asian tea and relationships.  Before the inaugural serving of the tea and relationships production to an unexpectedly large audience we realised we needed a name.  The rest is recent history.

The response to Chai Aur Rishtas was delectable and spurred us on further.  The first course having been served, the ingredients for further courses had been set out - creative expression, in this case theatre, together with community participation and a philanthropic purpose – the natural Ludoo way.  


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